When I Was a Teenager

Just a few observations about teenagers and misconceptions about life. I became a teenager in 1966, got married in 1970 and dropped out of high school. Just the facts there.



When I was a teenager:

We weren’t allowed to wear jeans to school. Only “coordinating pant suits”.

We weren’t allowed to wear PANTS to school until I reached high school.


We didn’t have air conditioning in classrooms until high school, and then only the “new” wing had a/c.

At our house we had “swamp coolers” which don’t work well in high humidity. Finally got a window a/c unit to cool the living room and kitchen. Not the bedrooms.


I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16. Curious how I ended up married at 17, huh?

On dates, I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies, or to dances. Still curious how I ended up married at 17?


I learned to drive in a portable building full of simulators. Kinda like a gigantic video game.

Video games had not been invented yet, so driver’s ed in the simulator, was just … driver’s ed.


The only phones we had were wired into the wall in a very open place of the house. Conversations were never private.

The word “cell” was rarely heard outside of science class or the county jail. The word “Text” was the first half of “textbook”….


Dragging Main Street was great entertainment on the weekends if you were lucky enough to have a car.

Gasoline was about 22 cents a gallon then.


LBJ was not a freeway in Dallas. Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States.

Yes, he really was a crook after all.


On Saturdays we washed our hair, rolled it on brush rollers, sat under a hood dryer until our ears burned bright red.

For really special occasions, we would  go to the beauty shop for a fancy “up-do”. I have pictures to prove this. 🙂


Just normal everyday people, had gun racks in their truck’s rear window, with real guns hanging on them.

No special gun license was needed. Most people had common sense. Most. I am from Texas, after all.


I thought people over 30 were ancient and didn’t know anything about my life.

I was wrong. Everyone has been a teenager.




These are just a few things that come to mind, some of the differences between then and now. I work with a lot of teenagers and I hear a lot of the same complaints I made way back then in the prehistoric age. Please share your thoughts with me!

My fabulous, elegant beauty shop up-do for a wedding! I was 15 years old.












“Bill’s Gray Horse”

This is a true story my mother wrote about my dad’s horse ……I was the baby in this story, so the year was probably early 1954.

This is me, sitting on top of the horse…..

It’s just me, the littlest cowgirl in the world…..on a gigantic horse! My dad was REALLY hoping I’d love horses as much as he did……..I’m so sorry dad, I tried, I was so afraid of them!

Bill’s Gray Horse

by Clover Kimberling

It was such a nice sunny afternoon and we decided to drive to Bill’s grandmother’s house and visit with that part of the family. It included Grandma, Grandpa and their three grown sons still living with them. They were adult men but were slightly childish in their actions and speech. My husband decided to give his horse some trailer training and let “the boys” admire his prized horse. He loaded the horse into the trailer and I gathered all the essentials for our six month old baby.

My husband was an avid horseman and especially loved this gray horse that was very large and very strong. The trip to their house was uneventful and we arrived, unloaded horse, baby and baby necessities and settled in for an afternoon of showing off our baby and his horse.   As the sun began to drop lower in the sky, we decided we needed to load horse and baby and return home. We were driving on a small two lane road, the sun going down and the car radio blasting out our favorite country songs.

Traffic was not bad, but a big eighteen wheel tractor trailer pulled close behind us, blared his loud horn and began to pass us. The loud horn startled the horse and he became extremely agitated and began pawing at the trailer and eventually got his front feet over the front of the trailer and onto the highway he went. He hit the pavement and broke one of his front legs , some ribs and injured his mouth. The big truck continued down the highway and we managed to pull over to the shoulder of the road. The horse was in great pain but was able to hobble to a nearby pasture. There was no way we could get him back into the trailer, so we had to leave him there.

We went home and Bill and his friend returned with a large cattle trailer and wench to retrieve the wounded and frightened animal. Because of the serious nature of his injuries, the horse had to be destroyed. What a sad ending to a day that began as a carefree holiday.   My husband was devastated and when we finally got settled in the bed, I could feel the bed move gently as he sobbed silently, and I knew we would remember this day for a long time.