A Picture Perfect Christmas

Christmas ~

That time of year when we decorate everything that doesn’t move, trying to recreate all those beautiful images we see on Pinterest. You either nail it or fail it! I’ve been guilty in the past of over decorating and have the pictures to prove it…but the older I get, the more difficult it is to keep up!

We all want to live that perfect Christmas, but where I live, we don’t get beautiful snowy scenes like this one! Thank you Photoshop!12265852_10201336929102208_7425298091410155474_o

We also don’t see people ice skating on frozen ponds….12291708_849411115156196_1131659081857891675_o

But we do have beautiful decorations in the city though…this scene is from Sundance Square in Fort Worth –15815831659_d9319bc4c4_o

Ahhh, one of my favorite things to do…lean back in my comfy chair with a cup of hot chocolate and admire my tree.297276_2623236917172_415736083_n

Of course, every time a bell rings…1486088_509043362526308_428006049_o

This is “Leon”…he visits our house in December to make sure we are being good and reports back to Santa every night! We never know where he will be the next morning!205057_2623286838420_864669216_n

My adorable grandson was seemingly overwhelmed by Christmas year before last. We would never leave him “home alone” …883834_3793435611408_1835789829_o

Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas, though….12265861_849134751850499_4839915693882912705_o

Remember to let your light shine, not everyone will have a warm, cozy holiday.12366160_10201370684866081_6404405836560199289_o (1)

No snow for us this year, the weather forecast is calling for 70 degrees on Christmas Day. We can always hold out hope for next year, though!12363256_10201381106046604_5728194156823991609_o


Author: Texas Twang Debi

Even though I am "pushing 60", I don't feel that old in my head.....too bad the body tells another story though! I have survived a bad marriage and divorce, survived 5 years as a professional musician, and have managed to emerge a better person. I enjoy making music, whether singing, writing, or recording. The pressure of making a living from music is gone, and music is my passion now. I work in retail, and enjoy my job very much. It challenges me and keeps my brain cells working. Also helps pay my bills :) I may not have much to say that will interest the general population, but I do have stories that need to be told. I will tell them here, until I am finished. That may be 10 years or 10 days from now. Until then....please enjoy!

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