A Still Life Obsession

Since I took up photography as a hobby 4 years ago, I have tried my hand at almost every type of photography, trying to find my *niche*. I have done landscapes, but I don’t like to travel too far from home.

So, I’ll never have fabulous shots of the Grand Canyon or Old Faithful.

Then there were barns and bridges….













Next up, wildlife/birds…Once again, I like to stay close to home, and I am way too shaky to use a long heavy lens without a tripod.11043314_732670736830235_2863510723530091571_o




I have done a few portrait sessions with some success and one wedding, which was stressful! My brother and his only daughter.





Last summer I started doing small *tablescape* types of shots and found I was good at it! So, I converted my music studio into a photo studio; set up a table and backdrop especially for still life setups and I was off and running!







I think I have found my niche now….still life objects don’t move, it never rains indoors, it’s always climate controlled so I don’t sweat so badly! I can move things around till my heart’s content to get just the right look for my shot.




I’m a happy photographer right now….but…you never know!


Author: Texas Twang Debi

Even though I am "pushing 60", I don't feel that old in my head.....too bad the body tells another story though! I have survived a bad marriage and divorce, survived 5 years as a professional musician, and have managed to emerge a better person. I enjoy making music, whether singing, writing, or recording. The pressure of making a living from music is gone, and music is my passion now. I work in retail, and enjoy my job very much. It challenges me and keeps my brain cells working. Also helps pay my bills :) I may not have much to say that will interest the general population, but I do have stories that need to be told. I will tell them here, until I am finished. That may be 10 years or 10 days from now. Until then....please enjoy!

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