Personal Banking


Let’s take “personal banking” to a whole new level……let’s take it to 1954, when a routing number, account number and personal information wasn’t needed on your check, because your bank knew you by name and reputation.

In small towns across America, you could walk into almost any shop, pick up a “counter check” at the cash register/checkout from your particular bank, buy your merchandise and write out a check for the amount, and probably were never asked for ANY form of identification!

In 1954, a man’s word, they said, was his bond. One of the reasons my daddy was always telling my only brother that he had worked hard all of his life, building a good name for himself, and my brother better be careful and not ruin that good name! Fortunately my brother became a good man in his own right…….and even more fortunately, my sister and I married…

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Author: Texas Twang Debi

Even though I am "pushing 60", I don't feel that old in my head.....too bad the body tells another story though! I have survived a bad marriage and divorce, survived 5 years as a professional musician, and have managed to emerge a better person. I enjoy making music, whether singing, writing, or recording. The pressure of making a living from music is gone, and music is my passion now. I work in retail, and enjoy my job very much. It challenges me and keeps my brain cells working. Also helps pay my bills :) I may not have much to say that will interest the general population, but I do have stories that need to be told. I will tell them here, until I am finished. That may be 10 years or 10 days from now. Until then....please enjoy!

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