Barns from the Past…..

Being a country girl, I have to admit……I love barns. Barns of all sizes and shapes…and even the smells. Horse and cow manure, feed….hay….leather…… I’ve recently become a little obsessed with finding old barns to photograph and add to my collection. Living in a small town with lots of farmland surrounding the area, I’ve found there are barns hidden away all around me. At least once a week I go “back-roading” looking for these ancient structures. They all have a story to tell……of course, I don’t know the stories since I wasn’t born around here. But I’d love to know…..


This one is on FM 1387 here in town, the house it belonged to on the corner, has been boarded up for about two years and the barn is fading fast.


This is the Anderson barn, west of Highway 67, off Gifco Road. The land now belongs to Ashgrove and is destined to become a quarry. The local historical society is trying to raise funds to save the barn and the house that is on the same property. I haven’t seen the house at all, and the barn itself is hard to photograph since it sits right smack in the middle of the acreage. I did get a better shot last week, though from near the entrance to the property.


This barn is huge……3 stories tall.


These photos show the barns true colors, very gray and faded, with shingles falling through the roof. So sad.


This is west at the end of  Gifco road atop a hill. Very pretty place, modern barn.


Mt Zion Road, practically on the street.


Ennis, Texas….we were looking for Bluebonnets, of course!


Somewhere between Rockett and Ferris, I love this one!


And just farther up the road from the Texas flag barn…..


I’m completely baffled as to where i found this one. I should be keeping notes, right?


Somewhere near a railroad track. Yep, that narrows it down!


Not a barn, but on the same property as previous picture.


Again, not sure where this one was…..I cover a lot of territory some days!


Inside the main barn at the Penn Agricultural Center at Cedar Hill State Park.


Inside the main barn at the Penn Agricultural Center at Cedar Hill State Park.


The main barn at the Penn Agricultural Center at Cedar Hill State Park.


Just what a photographer on a mission doesn’t want to see……”No trespassing”…. Bummer 😦


But, when I walked all the way up to the fence line, I got a much better shot with my 300mm zoom lens….

and of course, a lot of heavy editing makes the barn look much better than it really looks.

That’s about the extent of my barns for now, but I’ll keep looking!