Soup and Sandwich, or Call Me Fred…..

Someone once said, well, people still say it, old habits are hard to break. Boy, do I know that’s true! I had been married for fourteen years to the same man, with the same name, so for fourteen years, day in and day out, wherever we went,  we were “soup and salad“, so to speak.

Soup and longer on the menu!

Then came the divorce. I became “just soup”. For the next five years, I tried many different “salads” to go with my “soup” but none of them clicked. Then one day, I met a “sandwich” that was perfect with my “soup”. We became “soup and sandwich”. It was a match made in the grocery store, or the deli….lol.

Aw, Soup and Sandwich, that's a nice combination!

Sandwich and I rocked along for several months in co-habitational bliss. We  moved to beautiful Tyler, Texas to begin a new chapter in our menu, uh, life. One day, our beleaguered washing machine had broken, so we made the dreaded trip to the Laundromat, joy, oh joy. Sandwich and I were folding clothes and he turned his head to say something to me and he said “Hey Chips, yada yada yada….” I spun around and said “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME“?

Chips! He called me CHIPS!

See, in his previous marriage, he was “sandwich and chips”…..and he slipped for the first time and called ME “chips”….

Once again, history!

Oh, I was so very upset! I poked my finger very pointedly in his chest, and said “you can call me Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble, or any other name in the world, but don’t you ever call me “chips” again! Poor Sandwich was so flustered by his flub, he apologized profusely, and said, he would just call me Fred from then on. I said that was fine with me.

Fred 🙂

That’s how I became “Fred” ……..some people may think it’s odd. But when Sandwich calls me “Sweetheart” or “honey”…..I think that’s odd. Call me Fred, please.