Valentine’s Day Memories

I remember the excitement in grade school, when the teacher announced that we needed to bring a shoe box to school, to decorate for the BIG Valentine’s Day party. Red construction paper, white heart-shaped doilies, glue, glitter, ribbons galore……it was our chance to use our creativity and design the most beautiful box in the class. It was also our chance to get a special Valentine card from one special classmate, one that said more than “be mine”…..something personal. I recall counting my cards when I got home from school to make sure I got one from every classmate. Of course, I did…..we all did. The teachers always made sure to send the list of names home to our parents in advance, to make sure that no child got left Valentine-less.

Those who know me personally, may find it unthinkable, but I do not have any of my childhood Valentine cards to share. It’s amazing, since I am known in my family as a hoarder collector of all things sentimental. Imagine my surprise a few months ago when my mother handed me a manilla envelope full of treasures. This has happened on a regular basis this past year, and I love seeing a manilla envelope lying on her desk when I visit. I know there’s something very important inside that she is entrusting to my care.

Inside the envelope were greeting cards; including baby shower, Christmas, Anniversary, Mother’s Day cards, and the best of all, Valentine cards that dated back to the early 1930s when my dad was just a little boy. Awwww…, I’m sharing these today, because they are just the sweetest things ever!



Just imagine my 88 year old dad, as an adorable little boy receiving this mushy Valentine 🙂





“made in the USA” doubly sweet!



This one is from my dad to my mom……

Dad always chose the most beautiful cards for my mom!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day…..I hope your Valentine gave YOU a card as sweet as one of these!